BDS combines the skills and expertise of a diverse team of architects, designers and creative thinkers engaged in specialist areas of building design and all committed to delivering outstanding designs with sustainable outcomes.

We design with future in mind considering all physical, social, political, environmental and economic factors that affect individual projects to produce unique solutions, but not repetitive. Every client's needs are specific and central to our design process, freed from egos, prejudice and one size fits all thinking, we approach every project with a fresh perspective no matter what scale and location it may be.

We have a real passion for the way buildings come to life through their materials, systems and application techniques. We select system and materials with all diligence for their durability, their life-cycle performance, their minimal environmental impact and potential to delight users and enrich their communities.

BDS provides services in all aspects of architectural design and planning in the built environment and uses the latest CAD technology which is paramount for communicating design progress with clients, project parties and contractors.

At BDS, we believe that genuine architecture is not about coming up with complex solutions, but designing with such simplicity and integrity that it can be easily extended and adapted in the future. We are dedicated to creating the best possible high quality design works for all times recognizing our significant responsibility in contributing to the improvement of the wilder world.