Acoustics is the study of sound and it is an integral not integrated discipline to the holistic design and planning process of new building developments. Sound, whether music or unwanted noise affects most people’s lives in different ways every day. We mostly ignore the various types of noises that surround us until they obstruct our ability to communicate, concentrate and enjoy our environs. Now that we live in densely populated cities of continual developments, and work in crowded offices in mixed-use complexes, meeting the acoustic requirements of stringent planning regulations has become inevitable.

BDS’s acoustics team applies its skills to create environments with good acoustics at all stages of new developments, either from the planning application or design and construction stage to the completion of the project. Our inter-disciplinary expertise enables us to offer a variety of services in:

Noise and vibration for ages have been difficult subjects to explain. We recognize that the success of our design advice depend on the ease at which it can be applied to the entire project. For this reason we use the latest technology equipments and acoustic modelling software to provide well-communicated outcomes and advice on all projects. With the wealth of knowledge covering all aspects of building design we approach every acoustic projects with a creative and innovative perspective to deliver high quality, unique solutions in budget and on time.

BDS is a Member of the Turkish Acoustical Society (TAKDER) and the Institute of Acoustics (IOA) in UK.