Light reveals space, form, texture and colour to our sight and when used by skilled hands with the right techniques it can add depth, dimension and drama to the medium. Light, either natural or artificial, is a very powerful design tool that can quickly change the appearance and emotional effect of designed spaces. Yet it is still brought in as an afterthought, when the architectural design has been laid out, however it needs to be considered as an integral design element of a holistic design process along with all the other design components from the beginning of a project.

BDS’s lighting team provides a comprehensive lighting design service, from preliminary concept design stage to completion. Our extensive skills and experiences in architectural illumination allow us to deal with the many challenges of lighting issues from artistic, practical and legislative issues to application of new technologies and materials in any given project.

Excellent lighting design is about using natural light effectively in buildings, which is a complex task that requires balancing the many and often contradictory aspects of energy efficiency and quality performance. Daylighting can reduce energy consumption and contribute to psychophysical well-being of building occupants, on the other hand exposure to direct sunlight can excessively illuminate and heat up interiors and cause glare. Artificial lighting necessitates careful consideration of visual factors, economics and technical requirements. Analysis of the visual perception and thermal effects of lighting and its interaction with occupants is essential to enhance user comfort for a more liveable and effective living and working environment.

We use a range of sophisticated predictive modelling and assessment techniques to communicate lighting analysis results and developed ideas with clients and demonstrate how natural and artificial light is distributed in a building, how it is reflected and absorbed by surfaces of different colours and materials. Our scope of design services include:

At BDS we believe that lighting is an integral and fundamental component of intelligent building design. We have a real passion to turn our client’s visions into reality with creative lighting ideas based on a firm knowledge and understanding of technical design principles and analysis.