Noise and vibration control

Many types of building services and other equipment within the modern buildings generate high levels of noise and vibration, which result in a wide range of nuisance from discomfort to occupants to structural defects to buildings.

In modern buildings vibration control and controlling noise sources has become more critical. Many buildings services equipment within the modern built environment which provide comfort to occupants are also high level generators of noise and vibration. If left untreated these high levels of noise and vibration can not only become a health and safety problem to occupants but also can cause structural defects to the building structure.

From the treadmill within the gym of a residential development to the diesel generator in the same building a range of noise and vibration sources in modern buildings can cause serious problems if they are not planned properly.

We recognize that the success of our design advice depends on the ease at which sophisticated engineering knowledge can be applied to the project from an early stage. For this reason, we use the latest technology equipment and acoustic modelling software to provide well-communicated outcomes and advice on a wide range of noise and vibration applications from protecting equipment in industrial facilities to providing occupant comfort within residential and office spaces.

Our services:

  • Noise and vibration surveying
  • Advice on establishing vibration mitigation strategies
  • Detailed design services 
  • Advice on noise and vibration measures within buildings in use
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