Building acoustics

Sound is everywhere and good acoustics is linked to human well-being.
From auditoria to classrooms, from offices to houses this phenomenon must not be overlooked.

BDS’s acoustics team applies its skills to create environments with good acoustics at all stages of new developments, either from the planning application or design and construction stage to the completion of the project. Our inter-disciplinary expertise in building acoustics enables us to offer a variety of services in planning architectural acoustics and acoustical modelling and simulation.

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Results of a simulation of acoustics to assess aural characteristic of the hall.

Architectural acoustics

Planning and design of spaces with varying acoustic requirements for example, in school classrooms and open plan offices control of reverberant noise and speech intelligibility is important, while in multi-storey dwellings controlling noise transmission through floors and walls contributes to the psychological comfort of residents and more.

Building services acoustics

Providing advice on controlling noise from terminal cooling devices and elevator shafts, plant room construction, attenuation of plant noise, fan and air noise in ventilation ducts and more.

Acoustics modelling and simulation

Using computer aided modelling software tools to predict acoustic conditions in and around buildings and display assessment results and acoustic principles in an understandable way.

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