Facade engineering

Façade is not only an aesthetic feature but also a protective medium between the indoor and outdoor environments.
This medium needs to be engineered to perform successfully.

We offer independent technical consultancy services to our clients throughout the design and construction process to provide them with the best solution to any challenge in facade engineering ensuring their vision is turned into reality feasibly.

BDS applies knowledge and experience in different systems gained through various projects including aluminium and glass curtain walls, GRC and other architectural precast concrete, all glass skins, terracotta, natural stone and timber cladding systems, skylights as well as ETIC systems.

We provide robust specifications and design solutions stemming from our experience and expertise both of which are of critical importance for the successful delivery of every project.

No matter how complex the project is, our aim is to provide sound and rational as well as efficient façade designs while finding the best trade-off between quality and budget without compromising the safety and well-being of the occupants.

Our façade engineering services:

  • Conceptual and schematic design
  • Advice on material selection
  • Detailed design
  • Wind loading analysis
  • Structural, thermal and condensation analysis
  • Specialist structural glass design
  • Advice on procurement
  • Tendering
  • Witnessing and evaluation of testing
  • Site supervision and inspection
  • Facade forensics and investigation on existing facades
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    Novel solutions by putting in engineering

    We put engineering first and bring our depth of experience to our projects in meeting the structural aspects with the thermal and other environmental factors to meet design targets.
    The dual fundamentals of keeping water out and maintaining air tightness are not the only objectives pursued in cladding design. We put special emphasis on energy efficiency and longevity of the enclosures we design.

    Using right tools in design

    We use state of the art software tools to deliver high quality façade design solutions which meet project-specific objectives including thermal or acoustic performance thresholds and targets for environmental assessment schemes like BREEAM or LEED.
    We also verify our design solution through prototype or post-commissioning testing.
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