It is of utmost importance for our planet to improve the way in which natural resources are managed.

Population growth and increasing consumption rates are putting pressure on depleting natural resources let alone the world has already been threatened by the scarcity of these.

As its resources are being overexploited in ways which are unprecedented over the years, our planet is undergoing climate change which is of particular significance because most of it is extremely likely to be the result of human activity since the mid-20th century.

The built environment accounts for more than 40 percent of natural resource use and around a third of CO2 emissions as reported by UK Green Building Council while construction industry is expected to account for 14.7 percent of all global economic output by year 2030. This is a good opportunity to deliver lasting buildings with the highest environmental, social, and economical benefit.

It is worthwhile to mention that while late Covid-19 pandemic has brought much despair, it also highlighted the importance of health and well-being not only in the workplace and houses but in our planet. A Harvard University study set forth the link between Covid-19 related deaths and air pollution. This aspect once again brings the interface between the impact of the built environment and public well-being into focus.

By integrating our expertise on building environment with the sustainability principles we contribute to our clients for their projects by providing solutions that utilize fewer resources which in turn minimize the impact on natural resources.

The planet’s natural resources are limited but human ingenuity is infinite. We believe transition from linear to a circular economy principle for buildings will not only minimize carbon footprint for the built environment by utilizing existing infrastructure across the product value chain and optimizing resource yields but improve economics by investing on resiliency on buildings as well.

Our sustainability services:

  • Developing sustainability objectives for the design team
  • Evaluation of environmental and technical options along with feasibility analyses
  • Management and consultancy on building certification (BREEAM, LEED)
  • Simulation analysis
  • Featured Projects