Maslak 1453

Maslak 1453

Client: Ağaoğlu Akdeniz İnşaat A.Ş.

Architect: Atelier T

Structural Engineer: Yapı Teknik

Wind Engineer: RWDI

Constructed on a sloping site around a hill once situated outside the city, Maslak 1453 is a huge mixed-use urban development with a construction area of 2.000.000 m2 which has grown to a town of more than 40.000 residents. The development comprises of 24 high-rise apartment blocks of different types, 642 units of low-rise apartments named “terrace houses” along with three separate office blocks. There are also retail units with different architectural expressions along a thoroughfare connecting the south end of the development with the market and theatre at the north end.

BDS provided comprehensive façade design and engineering services from design development to site application covering the external enclosure of every type of the buildings within the development including the retail units.

From unitised and stick system curtain walls to stone veneer and ETIC systems BDS Consulting’s services not only include the design of fenestration and external wall systems but metal roof cladding of the retail units and the theatre.

Stick curtain walls

Side facades of the apartment blocks are clad with stick system curtain wall where open terraces around the building have prefabricated metal balustrades.

Glazed wind shields

In order to provide comfort to occupants using the terraces part of the facades are enclosed with glazed wind shields in unitized system to provide fast delivery on site. The glazing which is specified to provide sun control not only provides a barrier while deflecting wind acting on it but also helps to eliminate the risk of overheating.

Structural glass barriers

Terraces along the low-rise apartments covered with structural glass barriers which also cover the spandrel area at slab level.