Mall of Antalya

Mall of Antalya

Client: Torunlar GYO

Architect: DNA Mimarlık

Structural Engineer: Yapı Teknik

Mall of Antalya is one of the largest shopping malls across the Mediterranean region with an area of 131.000 m2.

Opened in early 2017, it attracts not only domestic visitors but also thousands of tourists arrived in Turkey’s tourism heartland.

It is distinctive entrance glazing in which the space is washed in daylight through glass enclosure is reminiscent of the main entrance façade of Mall of Istanbul.
Triangular shaped glass panels made of glass in various colours recall stained glass windows of the traditional architecture.

BDS was appointed by Torunlar GYO to provide services for design and engineering the external envelope along with acoustic consultancy for the theatre and cinemas within the complex.

Clad in open-jointed thin ceramic panels, exterior walls which are inclined 75° to the ground are carefully designed to allow the rain to flow off quickly and prevent any water ingress while providing the same architectural look as the verticals.

Besides housing more than 200 brands, Mall of Antalya provides community art and leisure activities. It is house to a theatre with 212 seats and a cinema complex with 11 movie theaters.

Glazed entrance

The distinctive entrance façade of the mall is inclined 75° to the ground and made of coloured glass panels with high selectivity coating.

Entrance overhead glazing

Sloped overhead glazing which forms the enclosure of the entrance hall recalls a character and atmosphere that is of halls with stained glass windows.

Glass panels of the enclosure are carefully specified to provide comfort and safety above a higly trafficked area.

Theater and cinema complex

Designed by BDS acoustics team, Mall of Antalya hosts a theatre with 212 seats and a large cinema complex, “Cinetech” which has 11 screen state of the art cinemas.